Monday, 29 December 2008

Greedy annoying banks

Why won't the bank leave me alone? Yes, i know i am a few hundred quid in the red, i see it in my statement every time i look online. They know money goes in there every week from my wages and every month from my wifes wages, so why do they ask me whenever they phone me if i have another account from which i can transfer money into my regular account to bring it back into the black?

If i had any other money then i wouldn't be in the fucking red would i you fucking arsetards? What am i the only man in this country to have ever owed you money? If you didn't keep charging me twenty five spunking quid for every minute transaction that has taken me over my authorised limit, thereby taking me back into the doodie for the next month anon and so on and so fucking forth, then perhaps you wouldn't be fucking whingeing about me owing it would you? It's about time somebody brought you lot to book you whining snivelling cunts. Boo fucking hoo, i owe you a few hundred quid and you're trying to make me shit myself? If i owed you a few million, then it would be YOU who were shitting yourselves.Give me a fucking break, yeh yeh blah blah could affect my future credit rating yackety schmackety blah fucking blah, i've been living that line for the last twenty three years, do you really think that you are the first people to have threatened me with that shit? Just fall on something sharp and infected you gorm deficient shit wits.

It's perfectly simple, we have been here before, when i have money going in then they can have some.

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