Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Up in smoke

And so the latest move by the Nicotine Nazis to oppress the common smoker is to ban the display of cigarettes in shops that sell them. This is apparently yet another attempt to stop under age smoking.


What these deluded wank biscuits don't realize is that it's not advertising that attracts youngsters to smoking in the first place, it is social circumstances (parents smoking, peer pressure etc.) but they won't know this because they don't live in the real world like you or i. Now don't get me wrong, i do not in any way endorse kids smoking, i started when i was eleven and wish i'd never set eyes on the fucking things. I only managed to kick it into touch in may, thats thirty years of "tarmac for yer drive mister". But this is just yet another inexorable step toward the "Nanny State" we hear so much about. It's bad enough that they got it banned in pubs, somewhere that smoking has been going on since smoking began and then they send the Fag Fascists in to make sure landlords are complying...where oh fucking where is this all going to end?

But the real downside to the ban on displays, is that when a cigarette manufacturer brings out a new brand, how the fuck is anybody going to know it exists since they banned advertising some years back too? Also however is Mr. Patel going to make a living selling fags to eight year old chavs now if they can't see their favourite brands and can't compare the latest price reductions between Mayfair and L&B?

New Labour....Fucking you over good and proper since 1997

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