Thursday, 11 December 2008


It's really heart warming at this time of year to listen to the bleating class who didn't pick up the snips they thought they had a god given right to in Woolworths closing down sale. Well boo fucking hoo! as Never the main event states here the poor staff at woolies know that it's not a case of IF but WHEN.

How would you whining fucking bastards like it if you or a member of your family was about to lose their job right on top of Christmas you heartless pricks?

But, you want to know what really gets my fucking goat about you lot.....? It's the fact that most of you (with the exception of the few who were lucky enough to have some holidays left from work or pensioners) were only spending your hard scrounged state benefits which the hard working tax payers of this country fund you with anyway, while (oh the fucking irony of this) us hard working tax-payers knock off work only to find that you shit-wits have taken all the bargains anyway and this isn't just about Woolworths you fucking piss-stains, i hope Davros brown lives up to his promise and shifts some dynamite up your lazy, flacid arses.

To all those at Woolworths and indeed anybody anywhere who are about to lose their jobs or already have and especially at such a bad time of year, my thoughts are with you and my hopes that your troubles will be at a swift end

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Window Licker said...

Like it. As you say, the "Chavalanche" in these shops was a fucking disgrace.