Sunday, 14 December 2008

Plunging pound not the Government's business

The Government will not intervene to help the plunging pound because maintaining sterling is not its responsibility, ministers said.

Well thank fuck for that! And there was me thinking that Davros Brown liked stealing our cash and handing it over to prop up failing banks and interfering in all other aspects of everything.

Just hold on a fucking minute here, how come it was the governments responsibility when it was OUR money they were using but now the pound is falling they want to bury their heads back up their own arses? Of course it's the fucking governments business, the financial, social and environmental wellbeing of a nation should always, first and foremost be the priority concern of not just ours, but ANY government of ANY nation. Don't pass the buck here you bunch of cunts.

New Labour....Fucking you over good and proper since 1997

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