Monday, 15 December 2008

Seasons greetings

Only ten days to go till that magic time of year when excited little kiddies (and mums and dads) bounce eagerly out of bed like kangaroos on exstacy and with wide eyed anticipation rip open those long awaited gifts under the tree, and the sounds of amazement as they finally get to the present itself and they say "oh fucking hell, socks again"

Not to worry i'm sure the rainbow coloured jumper that Auntie Ann knitted you with the too long sleeves and the torso part that comes up over your beer belly and makes you look gay will be well appreciated by some little third world savage with an eating disorder.

Let's put it another way, now that Davros Brown and his band of merry men has fucked this country up the arse with a continent sized cactus minus lube, you wont be getting that X-box 360 you've been hankering after, but after all Christmas is not about recieving or indeed even the giving of gifts but a time to reflect upon the reason for the existance of the season and to realize that...

New Labour....Fucking you over good and proper since 1997

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