Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Justice yet again

Once again i see that our hard stolen tax-cash is being pissed up against the wall, wasting police time and handing down pussy sentences to dirtbag chavscum who have no respect for life, not even their own kids. Just look at the contempt these pure shit factories display when getting off the hook with it.

Mark & Petra Tyler, were given a two year "community order" (whatever the fuck that means) and fined sixty spunking quid (our cash no doubt) for being out on the lash for seven hours with their four month old son in tow. When the police collared them they said that the kid was hungry and drinking from a stinking bottle with sour milk. Bad enough, but add to this that in all likelihood, the poor little fucker hadn't even had his nappy changed in all that time and this is surely a recipe for a child abouse case? This nauseating pair of cunts should have had the kid taken from them the first moment they were spotted with the buggy tipping from side to side. They are no doubt right now sat in front of their 52" plasma TV, with their mail order X-box 360, stuffing their grids with Greggs pasties and Tenents Super, while the littlun is in a playpen in the corner of the room, nappy hanging from his arse and up to his chest in Milky Bar wrappers and panda pop bottles. And we are fucking subsidising this shit. I've just had probably my most inexpensive Christmas ever (not the worst by a long shot) due to government departmental greed and it brings my piss to boiling point when i see filth like this laughing at us and getting away with it, but for all they have got that isn't earned by them.....

I'd rather not have,
Than be a fucking chav.

Happy new year to you all (except for sponging fucking chavs)


All Seeing Eye said...

Greetings. Hope you don't object.

Fidothedog said...

Time kicking were handed out to them fuckers.