Thursday, 18 December 2008

Blazing Dazzles II

Does anybody know the whereabouts of a cheap, rear mounted rocket launcher to fit a 1991 Peugot 205?

Went to Merthyr to visit the queers ones aunty this evening and all the way from Pontypool to Aberga-fucking-venny there was some space-docker right on my tail with full beam on his lamps, not only i get it from my rear view mirror but the cunt made a point of actually making sure his light was visible in my wing mirror too!!! Add to that the fact that he was driving a fucking four wheel drive which made the headlamps more at eyelevel with myself and you have a potentially disastrous situation. A number of time i had to put the brakes on to stop myself crashing into the side of the road or other cars. If i'd thought of it at the time i could have put my fog lamp on, i'll bear that in mind for next time and see how THEY like baing dazzled....CUNTS.

1 comment:

Window Licker said...

You need one of those old red LED boxes that scroll text across. Stick a keyboard near the dash and hey presto! Call them a cunt without having to shout!