Monday, 29 December 2008

Cheap crap scrap

During hard times, it has not been unknown for the Queer one and myself to tighten our belts and buy a supermarkets own brand of neccessities when it comes to the bathroom and cleaning side of things, we will even buy the less expensive own brands of food if it comes to that. That said i have to have a whinge about bog standard, cheapest available toliet paper*. It's all very well it being about 40-50 pence for a packet of four, which in the short term view seems like you're getting a bargain, but by the time i have managed to start one of these rolls off, i can see the grey of the cardboard roll it is wrapped around, which as anybody knows, is not a good sign when you've just taken the dump of your life, you've got a real ring-binder issue going on and it's your last roll, (even worse if you're the only one at home and there's nobody else there to pass you that copy of The Metro which is conveniently out of reach in the living room).

Where is the value in that? You can expect a drop in quality as with most things you get what you pay for, but the last thing you would expect the manufacturer to be generous with is the fucking glue that holds the end in place, By the time you've seperated the sixteen layers that the glue has penetrated, you're left with a knee high pile of white fluff which makes the Andrex Puppy look like it's been tarred & feathered, and about three squares of tissue which is never going to be enough to dehydrate my enormous snot-box of the cold which i have contracted during this lovely season of goodwill to all men, due to me not being able to afford to switch on my heating, (once again my heartfelt gratitude goes out to the C-S FUCKING A for that little yuletide gift).

Supermarket store brands, ripping you off good and proper since whenever they could get away with it.

*Thanks to my daughter for putting me onto this one, as i rarely get the opportunity to start a roll off myself. 2 females in household + mountains of cosmetics and other feminine products = lots of empty bog roll tubes.

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