Sunday, 21 December 2008

We have gas

For some obscure reason,my first thought on waking this morning was 'shit, Aunty Anne is coming over for tea today and we haven't got any gas to cook anything' when, suddenly, a flash of inspiration, under the sink i have a spray can of switch cleaner, trichloreothane or trichoethylene or whatever name it gives itself these days to remain on the right side of safety laws. Tried stuff in card slot, let it dry for a few minutes, inserted card and everything worked fine, happy days.

I suppose this is where i should issue a grovelling public apology to aforementioned gas suppliers...well fuck 'em, it's their attitude i'm not happy with, plus there's the fact that i'm the cunt that fixed it and i hope they send someone out tomorrow and he has a wasted journey....ha haha wankers!!!!!

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