Sunday, 7 December 2008

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

In work on thursday, we were given our Christmas bonus....£30 in high street vouchers, not knocking that...thank you very much boss, better than a kick in the teeth and all that, straight down to Iceland to get the next weeks food shopping and for a bit of Chav spotting (can i say that? is it a criminal offence now? Hold on, let's check with Jacqui Smith)...happy days.

Most of the foremen came wandering about with fistfuls of envelopes containing said vouchers, handing them out to the workers, getting us to sign for them...Happy fucking Christmas. But, and there's always fucking one, the one foreman had to be different, you know the type, if you cut him in half he would have the name of the company written right down the centre. Thinks that by treating the workers like total cunts he is doing the company a favour. He stood at a bench with a couple of stacks of envelopes and made evrybody line up and file past him in an orderly, authoritarian fashion and generally making them feel that he was giving them away from his own back pocket, you could see by the look on his face that he was enjoying every single moment of making them feel small, grateful and insignificant. We were watching him from the plant during a quiet moment in spraying and couldn't believe what we were seeing. We could almost hear his thoughts 'you worthless scum, you are not deserving of this mighty generosity afforded you by this great company, kneel before me for thy vouchers chimps'

So to you Bath Vader....Crappy Fucking Christmas you CUNT!!!

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