Sunday, 7 December 2008

As the snow lay all about yada yada bollocks

These days we have satellites infesting our heavens, radar, all sorts of techno-compu-gadgetry that makes the scientific world go round but do you suppose i can find one, YES JUST ONE fucking weather forecast that will actually come to pass?

for weeks now we've been warned that "they say we'll get some snow on wednesday" and "better get the tyre chains on it's going to be a blizzard friday night"...all hearsay forecasts i know but you might as well take as much notice of them as you do of the official ones.

I can't even find a decent one on the BBC site, hell they can't even tell me what the weather was this morning never mind what it's going to be.

Now as much as i do love the white stuff, and really admire the postcard picturesque beauty it brings to my local area as well as making my garden look like every bastard elses, since i got my driving license last year i pray it will only snow over Christmas during the time that i don't have to drive anywhere. Funny that, you don't drive and you love the snow any time, but once you get a license you avoid the stuff like the plague. Fuck i must be getting old and grumpy. So please weather...don't fucking snow until i'm fucking ready for it ok? thanks

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