Sunday, 14 December 2008

Misunderstandings over treaty....

So the Irish voted no to the Lisbon Treaty because of misunderstanding says Caroline Flint, Britains' Minister for Europe.

No you stupid fucking bitch, they voted no because they are not the "big thickos on the island" * you would have us all believe they are. Nobody wants this rehashed European CONstitution whichever way you dirtbags dress it up. At least Ireland HAD a fucking vote which is more than we can say for us, with you cunts selling us up the Rhine. It's just another step towards handing over our National Identity and sovereignty to unelected, unaccountable and faceless beaurocrats with no allegiance to anybody but themselves. The Irish have already rejected it why can't you just take no for a fucking answer?

And what right do YOU have to say why the good people of a different Nation rejected it?

Apart from all that, Ms. Flint, i think you're quite a canny boiler so when are you going to come around and jump my bones? What was that you said? Your party's already fucked me? well it would be nice to have been kissed first.

"And here they are, the Irish people themselves, what a great bunch of lads, aaaahh, would ya look at them there with their black & white outfits"

* Taken from Father Ted

New Labour....Fucking you over good and proper since 1997

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