Friday, 19 December 2008

1st piss up of the season

Tonight we are off to visit some dear Friends for a few wet ones so to kick the evening off i raise my Carlsberg Export bottle to you all, then it's away to our Friends to where we will continue with some home brew that was passed onto me yesterday by the queer ones uncle in Merthyr. I've no idea what it is, it might be from a kit for all i know, but in for a penny in for a pound i say, at least i don't have to get up for work in the morning (if i fucking get up at all).

I've not had a drink for a few weeks, what due to overtime being reduced and the C-S-fucking-A chewing my arse, i've not really been able to afford it but what the fuck, it's Christmas and if one can't have a good time at Christmas, then when CAN a chap have a good time? The way Davros is bleeding this country white, the answer to that may soon be never. Most people, when they rob you they run away and don't come back but this CUNT repeatedly returns to the scene of the fucking crime.....FUCK OFF BROWN, YOU'RE NOT WANTED!!!!

But at least tonight i can laugh about these worries...bottoms up folks (that's glass bottoms, not bending over facing east in case any of our fanatic cousins are reading this)

New Labour....Fucking you over good and proper since 1997

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