Saturday, 20 December 2008

Power Company Bastards

Now is the time i think i am going to take legal action against the electricity suppliers of South Wales, our local electricity and gas supply company. When we were in arrears a few years back, they were quick enough to be hammering on our door with a few fucking balliff vans filling the street and making a public song and dance that WE owed THEM. Now thankfully we don't owe them anything, but this morning our quantum card operated gas meter has packed up, its not registering the card, the gas people insisted it was the card that was the problem, but they sent an engineer out with a new one and get this, they were expecting us to put money on the new card, which we had already done with the old one and haven't got any left to put on it. Anyway i digress, the meter wouldn't register the new card anyway, ergo problem is with meter. Again we phone gas people up and they are saying they can't send anybody out to sort it out of office hours as it is not a life threatening gas leak or something else.

But this is now a case of us having to starve all over the weekend and going without a bath or gas to heat water, THEY are unwilling to supply the service WE are expected to pay for, then as far as i can see they are in breach of contract, like i said it was different when they wanted somthing from us........CUNTS!!!!

So who is going to be the lucky chain tonight then?

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