Wednesday, 31 December 2008

"My idea of heaven....

..."is to be allowed to be put in manacles, just for a few hours.....they must think you're Lord Gord Almighty."

Well, another year over and what have we done? I know what YOU LOT have done and that's kept me amused for the last few months since i've started this blogging thing. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting all this social and random phlegm off my chest and telling whoever would listen or read, because the Queer one doesn't listen to my ramblings any more. Much respect to The Eye for the accolade, i wasn't sure what to make of it first, but it appears i've been recognised as a blogger (i'd take a bow if my back wasn't in half from working my fucking bollocks off to subsidise Davros Brown and his raging band of loons) and if it wasn't for Fido i probably would not have even got into it. It took me until two days ago to figure out how to display the list of blogs i follow on my own, i knew i was following more than five but wondering why they weren't showing up on my "Blog Roll" (love that term).

It makes me grin to know that my angle on things is amusing some people, although most of it is written in anger i do try to stick a bit of tongue in cheek into it, i have to otherwise i would end up in The Canvas Coat Happy Home. I have also checked out The Devil's Kitchen, a blog i will also be following from now on as he is indeed a "sweary fucker" after my own heart.

That said, i don't think i have time to rant today, as the Queer one is in work and i have to sort out the house and food for tonight, so allow me to wish you all a very happy new year in the hope that it will be a more prosperous (though i suspect the operative word in the case of our government will be preposterous) one than has just passed us by. I also hope that you all, like me are going to forget about our troubles for a few hours and get as pissed as fucking carrots.


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All Seeing Eye said...

Unsure about how pissed a carrot can get but TheEye is prepared to try anything three times.

Welcome to blogging. Have fun.