Monday, 15 December 2008

Kathy Staff (12 July 1928 - 14 December 2008)

Yesterday, British Comedy and indeed the British people lost a national treasure with the passing of Kathy Staff at the age of 80.

Kathy will always be best known for her second to none portrayal of battleaxe Nora Batty in the classic BBC comedy Last of the Summer Wine, with her curlers and her wrinkled stockings which made her a very unlikely sex symbol, and for rebuffing the amorous advances of Compo, played by the late, great Bill Owen, usually fending him off with a sweeping brush or a soaking wet mop. She will also be remembered for roles such as Doris Luke in Crossroads and Mrs. Blewitt in Open All Hours as well as various stage roles.

I always remember as a kid, whatever i was doing on an early Sunday evening would be dropped like a ton of shit as i would religiously head home to watch Summer Wine, and we were always trying to get the girls in school to pull their tights down slightly so they were wrinkled like Noras (sad really but there you go)

God Speed Kathy, may you make them laugh wherever you are going, because we will forever be chuckling here.

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