Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Blazing Dazzles

If you have a driving license then you've already been where i am about to take you. You are driving along quite merrily, listening and singing along to Earth Kitt or Boyzone, it's night time but that's ok because the roads are pretty well iluminated these days (or nights rather)you look in you rear view mirror and see a car coming up behind you, no cause for concern, that is until he's right up your arse and you realize his headlights are on FULL FUCKING BEAM!!!

Christ on a fucking bike! Where is the sense in that? It's fine when you are driving through country lanes where there are no lights for miles and you need to see ahead, but then any considerate driver would dip them for oncoming traffic and then put them back on full again. But in well lit areas where you can quite easily see the road ahead there is no need of it, all that is being achieved is dazzling the fucking bejesus out of the driver in front making him have to concentrate a lot harder on not veering off the fucking road. So if you are one of these drivers then think of the potential consequences of this action and....

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